Mt. Hood & Columbia River Gorge Day Trip Itinerary

Columbia River Gorge

By combining a Mt. Hood day trip and a Columbia River Gorge day trip, you’re in for a day filled with beautiful sites and adventure. Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge are two of the most popular sites around Portland, Oregon. Choose to stop at local breweries, take hikes, visit waterfalls, and much more. While both destinations do see a lot of traffic, there are lesser-known sites that will … Read More

The Perfect 5 to 7 Day Pacific Northwest Itinerary

The Oregon Coast is a highlight of the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest should be on your radar for a number of reasons. Within the region, you have access to mountains, forests, and coastline along with unique and vibrant cities. The PNW generally includes Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia. However, for your 5 to 7 day Pacific Northwest itinerary we’re going to look specifically at Washington and Oregon. Should you have more time to spend in the area, … Read More

10 Best Stops on a Portland to San Francisco Road Trip

Mount Hood

The Southern California coast is undoubtedly one of the most beloved road trip routes in the U.S. and possibly the world. But the West Coast has so much more to offer. A Portland to San Francisco road trip is the ideal opportunity to take in all the Pacific’s lesser-known treasures, along with two of its most eclectic and enchanting big cities. From ancient forests to striking coastlines and dramatic mountain … Read More

8 Best Stops on the Seattle to Portland Drive

Paradise Overlook in Mount Rainier

The Pacific Northwest is probably best-known for its coffee (thanks, Starbucks), followed by its stunning nature, including Mount Rainier, Mount Saint Helens, the Olympic National Rainforest, and miles upon miles or largely unadulterated coastline from the San Juan Islands to Gold Beach. It is also home to two bustling metropolises, and a Seattle to Portland drive is the perfect way to take in all the region’s greatest assets.  Each city … Read More

11 Best Stops on a Portland to Yellowstone Road Trip

RV Road Trip Through Yellowstone

A Portland to Yellowstone road trip takes travelers through three states, each with an overwhelming number of places to stop and explore. If you’re planning to drive from Portland, Oregon to Yellowstone National Park, stay tuned. We have a list of the best places to explore in Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming as you make your way to America’s first national park.  Whether you’re looking for a road trip when you’re … Read More

20 Best Stops on the San Francisco to Seattle Drive

Toketee Falls: Stop on the San Francisco to Seattle Drive

While the drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco is arguably the most famous road trip to take along the Pacific coast of the United States, many visitors the western USA are looking to venture further into the Pacific Northwest and are keen to continue their journey north all the way to the state of Washington’s largest city. But what are the best stops on the San Francisco to Seattle … Read More

10 Best Stops on a Portland to Boise Drive

Columbia River Gorge along the i-84

If you are doing a Portland to Boise drive, you are in luck, because this is one of the most scenic tours you can take. If you’ve ever played the old video game Oregon Trail, now’s your chance to experience the last part of that route in real life.   Starting off in the scenic Columbia River Gorge, the sky will open up as you cross eastern Oregon, a beautiful … Read More

The Perfect Weekend in Portland Itinerary

Portland Old Town Sign

Echoing Austin, Texas’ hipster oasis, the Rose City’s motto, “Keep Portland Weird,” sums up its distinctive character, one affectionately satirized in the cult favorite TV show Portlandia. But Portland’s quirkiness isn’t its only quality. Far from it. This modern metropolis, a gem of the Northwest, is also famous for its incredible foodie scene, eco-consciousness, gregarious locals, and much more. If you’re planning a weekend in Portland itinerary, read on to … Read More