GetYourGuide Review: An Easy Way To Book Tours in Europe

Planning a trip to Europe can be a time-consuming process. From working out where to go, to what to pack or how much money you’ll need, there are plenty of things to consider! However, one thing that many travellers seem to leave until they actually arrive at their destination is organising their day tours. This can lead to travellers significantly overpaying for tours as they don’t have an idea of … Read More Review: The Best Way To Hire A Car

Driving in Cyprus is the best way to see the country!

Using is our favourite way to hire a car when we are travelling. They make it easy and straightforward to find a great deal to ensure you’re not paying too much for your rental car. If in the past you have been particularly loyal to a car rental brand, this review will help you understand how the service works and the advantages of booking your car hire through … Read More

Omio Review: The Best Way to Book Transport in Europe?

Train arriving at Vienna Airport

Omio – the company formerly known as GoEuro – is a one-stop shop for booking trains, buses and flights in Europe. With so many different train and bus companies in Europe, booking with individual companies proves to be challenging which is why we decided to put together this Omio review. Not only do you have to deal with various quality of translations for each company’s website but it can also … Read More

12 Essential Driving & Car Rental in Europe Tips

driving in cyprus

One of the best ways to travel around Europe is undoubtedly by renting a car. This allows you the freedom to travel at your own schedule without being at the mercy of bus or train schedules. It also makes it a lot easier to get off the beaten path. In fact, some of our best trips in Europe have included renting a car in Iceland, Scotland and Croatia! If you’re … Read More

iCarHireInsurance Review: Affordable Excess Insurance for Car Hire

World Nomads Standard vs Explorer

Renting a car abroad can be a stressful experience. Often it means landing in a new country – tired and jetlagged – stumbling across to the car hire booth and trying to understand all the jargon they throw at you regarding insurance. One of the main things travellers need to look out when renting a car overseas is how much excess they need to pay in the event of a … Read More

Dollar Flight Club Review: Is It Worth Signing Up?

Finding cheap flights is a time consuming process. While I can happily spend hours on end browsing various online flight search engines, this is undoubtedly not the most efficient process. In fact, you could very well argue that it’s just a downright waste of time. Luckily, there are companies out there that have managed to streamline the process and make it easy for you to find great deals. Enter: Dollar … Read More

ClaimCompass Review: How To Claim for a Delayed Flight

When it comes to travelling, there are few things more frustrating than a delayed or cancelled flight. Not only does it leave you with you less time to enjoy your destination, but it might also mean hours of waiting time at the airport. In July 2018, we, along with hundreds of other passengers, were left stranded in London when AirBaltic first delayed and later cancelled our flight to Tallinn. Some … Read More